Top 10 Places to Visit on New Year 2021


As the clock ticks towards the year 2021, it’s time to make plans for New Year’s Day. Top cities around the world are already gearing up for the big day by organizing significant events to electrify the day. There will be spots correctly set out for party lovers, other venues for family reunions, and others for religious occasions. While hundreds of cities organize electrifying events to welcome the New Year, here are ten best places to visit on New Year 2021.

Traveling in the last month of the year is one of the best experiences you can have. There are somany exotic places where you can spend your new year 2021 holidays with your friends and family. Here in this article, we are going to share some beautiful and eye-catching locations to enjoy the new year’s eve.

Places to Visit on New Year 2021

The winter is the time to see a tropical paradise. We’ve chosen at the very best destinations for hype celebration spirits out there. New Year’s Eve is all about dancing, partying and spending your buddies in addition to time with your loved ones.

There is a gigantic list of places to visit in December across the world. We have selected

New Year is the right time for taking a small break from your work and day to day life. Happy New Year is the best time for celebrations, leaving all stress and work behind.

Do you want to say bye to 2019 at some immense location?

Here are the top destinations to enjoy New Year 2021 party all around the world.

Sydney, Australia

Many cities are often crowded and facilities too expensive for an enjoyable New Year’s Day. Sydney offers a reprieve owing to its scenic settings that provide visitors with a peerless view of the New Year’s fireworks on Sydney Harbor Bridge. Away from the bridge, the New Year celebrations are punctuated with raucous street parties and electrifying performances by the city’s leading artists.

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai harbors some of the essential structures in the world. First off, Dubai is home to the iconic Burj Khalifa. Besides these enticing views, Dubai also holds fun-filled New Years’ extravaganzas that range from perspective shuttering fireworks and works of arts. Concerning accommodation, Dubai has some of the world’s best hotels, including the Grand Hyatt Dubai, the Palazzo Versace Waterfront hotel, and Atlantis The Palm hotel.

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Paris, France

The French city of Paris offers visitors a real treat in terms of scenic views, cruise ships, French cuisine, and the world-famous French wine. Artistic performances centers such as Saint Eustache attract revelers in droves. Key places to visit include the Eiffel Tower, the Bateaux Parisiens cruise ship, and the Grand Palais for ice skating.

Orlando, USA

Known as the ‘Theme Park Capital,’ Orlando city comes along like an excellent selection for its varied nightlife options and lively environment on New Year’s Day. It’s far cheaper than larger cities such as New York City and Las Vegas, yet it still offers fun and flair, especially for the eye-popping fireworks.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When the New Year’s Day beacons, Rio De Janeiro bust into life with revelers and locals, making merry to celebrate the day. The 2.5-mile stretch on the Copacabana Beach acts as the epicenter of the day’s events with impressive fireworks on display and live entertainment. As opposed to other cities, revelers and locals in Rio De Janeiro don white garments with a believe it attracts good luck for the year.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok may seem sleepy on an average day but busts into a lively city every New Year’s Day. As has been a tradition, the raucous New Year 2021 eve celebrations are expected to start with rooftop dinners, magic fireworks, and classic performances in leading town joints.  The local market Khao San Road allows visitors to sample Thailand’s traditional meals with BTS Skytrain on the ready to transport revelers to different city destinations.

Venice, Italy

Venice, rightly named the floating city, offers visitors a once in a lifetime New Year’s Day celebration. The celebrations to welcome the new beginning with a classy countdown with spots such as the Piazza San Marco filled to brim. The Venice canals offer a fantastic view with artworks and New Year’s decoration forming classy images in the waters. The famous gondola vessels are always on standby to allow lovebirds to take a trip around this flirting town. Other areas of interest to a visitor include burning Christmas logs, throwing out old items to symbolize a welcome of New Year, and wearing red underwear to welcome good luck with the New Year.

London, England

When it comes to selecting a unique destination visit on New Year’s Day 2021, London ticks all the right boxes. What with all the partying, cruises, and fireworks? First off, the fireworks on the London’s Ferris wheel light up the city and whip the excitement to electrifying levels. At the break of dawn, the populous town buzzes into life with concerts, live band performances, and the New Year’s Day Parade being the main talking points. Besides the performances, visitors can also buy items on a bargain from London’s leading shopping destinations.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has always been a magnet for visitors looking to celebrate New Year’s Day in style. The New Year, locally known as Nochevieja, starts with families and friends sharing grapes to signify a turn of another year. This is followed by street events such as Plaça d’Espanya that attracts tens of thousands of locals and happy visitors. The Magic Fountain display lights up the skies and kick starts the celebrations.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Nestled between boulevards and splendid bridges, St. Petersburg offers visitors a combination of scenic views and an opulent display of fireworks over the lovely Neva River. The dazzling festivities begin on Catholic Christmas day and extend to the Orthodox Christmas on January 7.  The Four Seasons Hotel and the Lion Palace offer visitors perfect accommodation and a feel of the city’s vibrant nature.

Tips for Organizing a Successful Trip for the New Year’s 2021 celebrations:

  • Plan early- seek out the necessary documentation and lay aside the right budget for the trip
  • Reach out to a consultant to organize for accommodation
  • Research on the times to travel, the best means of transport, and the best place to celebrate this momentous day.
  • Leave for the desired destination to beat the congestion in areas such as accommodation that become harder to get in such time of the year
  • Keep family members or acquaintances in the know about the impending trip just in case of an emergency.

Parting Shot

Happy memories are created by opting to do things differently. Deciding to celebrate the New Year’s Day 2021 away from home can create memories to cherish for all year long. This guide outlines the best places to visit on New Year 2021 with family, friends, or acquaintances.

Signing off

Above we have shared some amazing and romantic locations to spend your new year 2021 holiday with your friends and family. Among all these listed places, Dubai, Paris, and Australia are the most popular place to visit in happy new year 2021.

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