Happy New Year Greetings

Short sentences of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s congratulations to send

The day for which we are waiting for a long time is about to take place. Celebration for new year 2021 will be started just after the celebration of Christmas day. People have already started sending happy new year sms to each of their friends and known persons. Did you wish your loving ones? Don’t worry here are some cool happy new year greetings sms which can help you to convey your deep feeling for your loved ones on this new year 2021. We are sharing a large collection of happy new year sms for your friends, family and colleagues. just select best of them and send. It is also the time to spread good cheer and send out your heartfelt wishes to all the people close to you to make them feel loved on the special occasion.

As the last days of the year approach, the custom of congratulating New Year’s Eve and the New Year  to friends and family returns  . As time has gone by, the way to do it has also been changing and evolving.

Happy new year 2019 quotes

This tradition began with the long calls, continued with the famous SMS (which allowed us to save a few euros) and, today, WhatsApp are the messaging app star for it.

4 tricks to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

If originality is not your thing and you can not think of anything to send to your closest friends, we recommend you take a look at all these  short phrases to congratulate the New Year 2021.

Happy new year 2019 quotes

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In addition, we have divided this list according to the type of recipient to whom it is addressed. And, surely, you do not want to send the same message to your mother, your friend, your client or your boss … And  happy New Year !

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Friends must be taken care of, so we can not stop sending you a message or short phrase to congratulate New Year’s Eve or New Year 2021.

  • That the deputies lower their salary and go to work? That those accused of corruption comply with the complete sentence? What’s your lottery? Hey, the New Year’s resolutions and wishes have to be real. Happy 2021!

Happy new year 2019 quotes

  • I beg you to accept, without any obligation on your part, both explicit and implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally sustainable winter vacation, socially solidary, generically neutral, nationally plural, politically correct, ideologically transversal and civilizatory equidistant, practiced according to the traditions of your religious choice, or your secular choice, with absolute respect for all the different religious or secular traditions, or for the absence of them, as well as a fiscally successful entry, personally satisfactory and medically unaltered, in the period of time known as year 2021,according to the calendar generally accepted in our cultural environment without this implying inattention towards other calendars of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped to build Western Civilization, which does not mean that it is considered better than other civilizations, and without these wishes establish a distinction on the basis of color, creed, race, opinion, age or sexual orientation of the congratulated or congratulated.

Happy new year 2019 quotes


Although you will spend New Year’s Eve with your family , there will be many who will not be able to attend the celebration. For that reason, we recommend you send them one of these New Year’s congratulations so that they know you remember them.

Happy new year 2019 quotes

  • Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2019, 2020, 2021 … If the crisis continues, this will be my last New Year message. Save this text for the following years.
  • That 2021 is, at least, as magical as your presence in my life is.
  • There are only 364 days left before the next New Year. They’re going to make me long … Meanwhile, Happy 2021!
  • Hello everyone! This is a personalized message that you / you / he / she / they sent to you / you / you / you / you … Happy New Year!

Happy new year 2019 quotes

  • May the coming year bring everything you want. Peace, love and happiness can not miss … but above all you have a lot, a lot, a lot of health. And that we enjoy it with you!
  • Happiness, hope, freedom, initiative, affection, emotions, smiles. Grab the first letter of each word and you will find what I want for this New Year.
  • Happy New Year 2021, even my mother-in-law. I can allow myself to put this here because it does not use WhatsApp.

Happy new year 2019 quotes


Do you want to  congratulate the New Year 2021  to your boss, a co-worker or a client? These messages will get you out of trouble.

  • For the New Year’s meal, is the iPhone going to the right or left of the plate? Happy start of 2021 and entry 2021!
  • They say that work is health, so for 2021 I want … Let the sick work!
  • The  phrases to congratulate the New Year 2021  may seem always the same, but the good wishes that I send you are absolutely sincere. Happy Holidays!

Happy new year 2019 quotes

  • The goodwill of our clients is the basis of our success. It is a real pleasure, in this holiday season, to give thanks. We wish you a year full of happiness and prosperity. Happy 2021!
Happy new year 2019 quotes
Every person celebrate New Year in own way and its time of new year 2021 & time of wishing new year 2021 to others. We just behind new year but say happy new year in advanced will help to get ready to welcome new year 2021.