Happy New Year Quotes for Friends

December 31st is a symbolic date that invites us to reflect on what the year has been like for us and how we would like it to be next year. Surely there have been good and bad times, but regardless of whether it was a year to remember or not, there are people who have been there for us, giving us love one more year.

Although love for a person must be demonstrated throughout the year, this date is a special opportunity to show those people that we care 

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends


The best phrases to congratulate the new year

This article brings you a compilation of the best New Year’s phrases and congratulations so you can send that so-called New Year’s Eve message to your loved ones, family and friends. Go for it.

1. In spite of the brokenness the illusion will always arise, regardless of the adversities, Love will always prevail. May this year be a great year for you and remember it forever.

Some ideal words to remember that, despite the difficult times, there is still hope.

2. We can not forget the mistakes, but from each lesson we are filled with wisdom. May happiness await you in this year that begins!

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

Sometimes relationships can get complicated. But today is a day to show love to those people that matter to us.

3. If you only had one wish to fulfill what it would be? May God fulfill each of the good wishes of your heart in the new year!

It is almost an obligation to make a wish on this special day.

4. For each day of the new year, a new yearning for which to fight and strive … Blessings in your new projects!

Many of us have projects in operation. Today is the day to wish success to a friend.

5. That this New Year 2017 allows you to elucidate the best for your life and that of your loved ones, always valuing those who love you the most, because without them nothing would be the same! Successes and blessings for this New Year!

The people who have been by your side this year deserve recognition.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

6. A new year is the new beginning and a thousand moments to celebrate, to crystallize each noble desire of your heart!

Next year is an opportunity to change things about us that we do not like.

7. If the year 2016 brought you happiness, that the year 2021 brings you the greatest of joys … Have a happy Year!

Excellent phrase to wish that next year is even better than the outgoing one.

8. Even if we have lost an illusion, new ones will come to nest our hearts. Happy New Year 2021!

This coming year can be a great year.

9. Let’s gather our cups to toast for love and peace in the whole world. A sincere wish for a better year

A congratulation that comes from the deepest part of the heart.

10. You know that this year we have met and our love has blossomed. I hope that this year our love will remain just as alive. Congratulations and a very happy year for you. I love you!

An ideal new year’s date for your partner.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

11. If the year that is about to end left in you memories of pain, may this New Year impregnate the best moments of your life for every dream you have reached! Happy New Year 2017!

For those people who have not had an easy year

12. Goodbye to New Year’s Eve, welcome the new year full of joy and hope

A congratulation full of illusion. To give encouragement this new year.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

13. I offer this year that we spend together and that many more come!

A special message for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

14. A wish of affection for a Happy New Year

A short phrase for those people with whom we do not have a deep relationship.

15. Happy 2021! May the new year bring you peace and prosperity

An appointment that you can use in a more formal environment.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

16. Twelve months, four seasons, a happy heart and dreamy eyes … Happy New Year 2021!

A nice phrase to say goodbye to the year and start a new one full of hope.

17. My best wishes for a strategic and fabulous year

An appointment for those who are very involved in their work.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

18. With our best wishes for a happy new year full of joy and prosperity

Specially designed for the dedication of the family.

19. For you, my friends, my best wishes for next year. With the belief that this 2020 will be rewarded with pleasant surprises that fill our lives with pure happiness

Ideal to share with a group of friends.

New Year Phrases and quotes for friends

20. Happy New Year to everyone. I wish the best to all the people who love me, and especially for you who have spent such good times with me

You can send this phrase via Whatsapp or Facebook.

 The new year is a time to celebrate new beginnings. It is time to celebrate having a clean slate and share the feeling of joyousness and thoughts with an emotional touch on this beautiful celebration Day. So here you’ll get Best Happy New Year Wishes Messages in Hindi, Nav Varsh Sms, 4 Lines Happy New Year Shayari in Hindi 140 Characters, New Year Msg Quotes for Greetings Images and WhatsApp & Facebook Friends and many more. Wish you Happy New Year to All of you 🙂