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New Year Messages to Wish your Friends & Family

Besides Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, New Year is the biggest and most significant occasion to send New Year Messages 2021 and remember our friends, family members, colleagues and all other acquaintances. Let’s celebrate and welcome year 2021 by sending the happy new year 2021 messages, SMS and quotes. As 2021 will bid adieu and 2021 will take on, the happiness and festivities will be on an all-time high. Happy new year 2021 wishes are already shared before which can be used as a bonus. Do not miss to wish any of your friend and near and dear ones with the collection of our messages. We are sure you would love our compilation and will surely use them. Just pick up any New year quote you like for free.

Amazing Collection of New Year Messages

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Looking for a fresh new word to send unique new year messages to your friends and kin? Here is the amazing collection of beautiful messages you can send thru SMS or Whatsapp or facebook. Our messages will carry the joy of this festive season to your friends and colleagues whom you always remember at such special occasions.

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As a new bloom spreads fragrance and newness around,
I pray the coming New Year to add a fresh beauty and
the breeze of happiness into your life.
Cheers to you at this New Year 2021!

As you wait to welcome the New Year
may the New year 2021 is waiting to
gift you with all laughter and peace,
health and success,
new friends and new moments of fun.
Wishing a great buzzing Happy New Year!

Lets all make a wish for the New Year
may it be a year of peace,
a year of good luck,
a year of prosperity
and a year of kindness all around.
Wish you all a very happy new year!

Ringing bells, cakes and balloons,
midnight buzz and tons of smiles
all I wish you for your New Year Celebration.
May you enjoy the New year in all happiness and fun!
Happy New Year!

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Before the calendars get replaced,
before the diaries are gifted
before the mobiles get flooded with SMS,
I take this quite moment in advance
to wish you lots of love and good wishes
for the coming New Year 2021!
Happy New Year Greetings to my dearest friend!

May the fun of this New Year
stay in your life for ever,
bringing all crazy colors of fun and joy,
and good health and wealth to enjoy.
Wishing you a very Happy and Warm New Year!
Lots of New Year Greetings!

new year wishes messages

May god bestows his choicest
blessings upon your life,
may the fate befriends you,
lady luck kisses you and
angels keep you safe and sound.
Lots of 2021 New Year Wishes!

The New Year came and asked me
for a wish,
I wished for a fun filled cheerful
365 days for you.
New Year wishes to my special friend!

May God bless you with new peace
and new contentment,
new fortune and new friends
and wisdom to remember
old friends like me!!
Wish you cheers and fun
of New Year 2021!

Read on further for yet one more collection of funny new year messages for your special funny friends. Share fun and have fun by sending these messages across!

Funny New Year Messages for your Friends

The 31st December and 1st Jan. are those days of the year which are celebrated with all kind of fun, festivity, dance, music, lights and crackers. The New year celebration is marked with exciting fun parties. Let us share some fun-filled messages to wish Happy New Year to your friends with whom you have shared beautiful moments filled with laughter and merry-making. We are sure you would love this unique collection of New Year Messages and pick them to send them across to your best friends.

With special new year wishes,
I send you this message,
may your 2021 new year resolutions
last longer than your tempers.
Wish you lots of fun and flowers
Happy New Year dearest friend!

Dear New Year 2021
please help my friend
to become bit wiser,
bit rounder and less absent-minded.
New year wishes to my
most luvable friend.
Happy New Year!

Lets promise one another
to be more awesome friends than before,
have more fights and fast patch ups,
throw less tantrums & less mood swings,
Wish my dearest and nearest friend,
a Very Happy Awesome New YeaR!

My 2021 resolution is,
to fulfill my 2021’s resolutions,
which I could not make in 2021,
as I promised them in 2021
and planned in 2021.
Let me know yours,
Have a great eventful New Year!

May your bank balance rise,
your cholesterol lowers,
May your property doubles
and your stamina gets triples,
Enjoy the New Year and
do wish me back!
Happy New Year Greetings to my dearest friend!

The New Year is around again,
so let me remind you once again,
Nothing lasts forever, not even a trouble,
so laugh it off and drink it down,
love to take chances,
and never have regrets.
Be more fun loving
and forget the misfortunes.
coz the time wont be back again.
Enjoy the New Year in all fun.
Lots of New Year wishes to you and
your family members!

Here is a rocking New Year SMS
from a friend who is your best,
from a person who is smart & intelligent,
and who always wish to see you smiling.
Lots of lovely new year greetings!

Be more patient, be more hard working,
up from bed in a minute,
never be angry,
sharing chocolates with others,
never let the calories increase.
So this was the list of resolutions
I Can’t keep at this New Year.
Remembering my funniest friend
on this wonderful beginning of 2021!
Just have fun leaving all resolutions aside.
Happy New Year!

Hope you liked our post with unique collection of New Year 2021 messages and New Year quotes. As you welcome and celebrate the biggest event of all the world, do wish your friends and family with using these happy new years wishes especially compiled to wish your buddies. There are many more new year wishes collections and quotes at our site. It would be fun to share them with your friends this year. Have a fun filled blasting New year 2021!

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