Happy New Year Quotes and Images 2021


Happy New Year 2021 Messages: In Busy life it is not possible to meet and greet to all and every dear ones personally on the celebration of New Year. But we are also having a best option to greet them best wishes for coming year. You can sent your thoughts and wishes to your love ones by forward happy New Year 2021 messages.

1. When my message reaches you, close your eyes very strongly and think about the most beautiful things that happened to you and I wish for you those and many more.New Year’s Eve is a time to remember what happened during the year and to make a deep reflection.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

2. Do you know how wealth is measured? not for your money but for the number of friends you have Friendship is the most valuable treasure, More even than money.

3. Congratulations, I thank you for having them as a family, I would not exchange them for anything. Happy New Year! Family is everything, and this is a day to show them that you remember them.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

4. This 2021 I pass very quickly I leave many good things, that I will always carry in my heart, that this 2021 is much better. For those people who have become part of your life.

5. Before I met you I was a hopeless man, being your friend transformed my thinking style, you helped me change my life, to find my horizon and today I can say that I finally knew happiness, peace and above all love I consider you my best friend, happy new year full of successes for you. There are people who change your life completely. It’s time to thank him.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

6. Today we have the opportunity to dismiss the year that is going and celebrate the year that will come. Have a better new year and always be such a good friend. Happy New YearThe new year is an opportunity to make your life what you want it to be.

7. I wish you a happy 2021 and that all your dreams come true. A short appointment but that says a lot with his words.

8. I hope the new year brings you many joys, but please do not change. For the amazing people you do not want it to be otherwise.

9. I wish for you so much happiness and good things for you as so many stars shine in the sky. Happy New Year, little sister!. This appointment is for a sister, who is your great accomplice.

10. May the rain of happiness hold you with the broken umbrella, soak and splash everyone around. Happy new year 2021!. A curious way to open the new year.

11. My most authentic wish is that you have a happy new year, despite spending very bad times, never look back. This new year is to look forward and fight for what you want.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

12. I wish you 65 days of love, 129 days of luck and 171 days of happiness! Happy new year 2021. For a year full of joys, love, luck and happiness.

13. For all, many congratulations for this 2021, that love is the first to enter your home, that health work comes behind and that each and every one of us has a lot of love. Happy New Year.. A congratulation for the friends, to wish them the best in the coming year.

14. This phrase is a little box of peace full of joy, wrapped with love, sealed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year! May this year bring you peace, joy and many good times. A little cheesy, but it is also another pretty dedication to wish a happy New Year’s Eve.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

15. May this be a year of growth as human beings to face any difficulty that may arise in the future This year can be an opportunity to grow as human beings.

16. I would like to spend the new year with you, as we always used to do. But it is impossible, because we are thousands of kilometers separate us. Anyway, I sincerely hope you have a happy new year. I hope you always have me in your thoughts as I do. When you miss that person, but you always remember her.

17. I wish you a new mathematical year: Adding all kinds of pleasures, subtracting the pains, multiplying the happiness and dividing the love with all your loved ones. Happy new year, dear friends! For the fans of mathematics. A curious greeting.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

18. When there are no seconds left at midnight, do not ask for fame or fortune. Ask for health to continue living and love so that there is peace and happiness in your life. Happy New Year for all! The wish of the end of the year should not be material.

19. It is not enough to close your eyes and make a wish for each month of the year. It is necessary to put all your effort to achieve your purposes. May this new year bring to your life a lot of health, happiness and many wishes to continue fighting for your ideas. Happy New Year! The best way to make this year successful is to give everything to get what you want.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

20. You are my universe and without you, it would not exist, you give joy to my soul, illusion and passion to our tomorrow, let’s enjoy a new year full of happiness and love, like the present. The happy new year my treasure. Not everyone occupies that special place in your heart. That is only achieved by giving you a lot of love.

New Year 2019 Quotes for congratulations

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