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Here is the New year Smiling, wrapped,
Who for our destiny,
The sky is given to us:
It was at midnight that she was born.
The years are born at midnight
One arrives, the other flees.
Happy New Year Poems 2021! Joy and happiness!

Why am I a bell-ringer
Bells, carillonneur,
To better tell everyone
To those who sail on the wave
Or who laugh in their homes,
All the wishes we make
For them, for the whole Earth
For my friends the children.

Famous New Year Poem

When the New Year 2021 arrives
We must have the heart hoping
When comes New Year’s Day
We must cultivate hope at all times
The future belongs to those who hope
Life is a path made of mysteries
Every day is a page filled with light
Every day is an opportunity to reinvent itself
This is the teaching of this poem of the happy new year 2021
Be happy and full of goodwill
Believe in you, in your destiny
Your happiness is in your hands
To you to believe in it and to move on your path
Way of peace, good health, and serene love
Walking towards oneself and respecting others
This is the recipe for a successful year
Best wishes for happiness to you who read me
That this new year is one of the most beautiful!

Short New Year Poems

“Whether it New Year’s Day
Open doors to beautiful moments
That New Year’s offers delicious moments
That breath plus your lives good winds
he brings protection to your family and friends
it is happiness renewed to infinity
That this poem of a happy new year
sees to realize all your wishes”

“Let these few affectionate words Give
you my best wishes
Wishes of happiness sent to the heavens
So that each of you will be happy”

“Wishes to you my beloved Sincere Wishes to you
In order that the best be given to
you That you live in happiness and prosperity”

New Year Inspirational Poems

“The good humor that brings happiness
The sport that allows healthy
Positive Thinking to see the beauty of the world
Love without restriction but wisely
Friendship respectfully choosing good friends
The Confidence to fully realize
the Courage to overcome one’s fears and hardships
Joy to make sadness disappear and to create the best May the force be with you in the new year 2021

“The success in all your projects of love
The success in your professional projects
The realization of your dearest wishes
The realization of your dearest project
Of the overflowing imagination to reinvent you every day
To succeed in 2021 according to your wishes and you will”

New Year’s Poem Greetings

A year that goes out is a gift from heaven
It opens the doors of a beautiful life!
New moments to live made of 1000 wonders!
Let’s enjoy the existence that is renewed!
Happy new year greetings

A year that is renewed is a rebirth
A new time that carries in its hope.
Let’s take advantage of our chance to be alive
Open our hearts to the most beautiful things.

My love, friendship, and family happiness
Make this year a delicious treat.
That your joy of living is not equal.
May the new year be great in every respect.

Best wishes I love you!
I embrace you warmly.

New Year Poem For Girlfriend

I wish you all you want!

May all the angels of heaven form around
A round to surround you with their protection
Cover you with the most beautiful affections.
And in your soul and heart happiness roar!

I wish you 1000 beautiful things!
That everything in your existence is osmosis!
May the sky protect you from a morose life!
May he cover your existence with 1000 roses!

Best wishes!
Big kisses of a happy new year Poem to your heart!

Happy New Year Poem for friends

A happy new year 2021 and happy wishes

What a few sweet lines of friendship!
Announce the coming of warm glasses of friendship!
May this beautiful poetry of Happy New Year!
A friendly invitation to shared happiness!
Let this simple poem of affectionate greetings!
From the day of January 1 to December 31, make you happy …

The happiness of a friend like you
Make my happiness and my joy.
Receive my happy wishes.
Beautiful loving wishes that promise you a happy 2021 year.
May this new year bring you all I want!

Best wishes happy and tend to you I love.
Warm and respectful kiss.

New Year Short Poem greeting to a sad person

After the sadness will come beautiful moments!

No sad greetings, but beautiful thoughts.
The sadness of a moment soon will be mitigated.
I wish you to be strong and perseverant.
Life is made of sad and beautiful moments.

May this little message of wishes soothe your pain.
Life is sometimes unfair but it may be beautiful.
May this New Year bring you new happiness.
What sadness and weeping cease in this new year

May the New Year offer you 1000 beautiful gifts!
The joy of living and a more beautiful destiny.
Courage to you that I love enormously …
Be strong so that come back beautiful moments …

Best wishes I think of you very much!
You know that I can count on me every moment.
Affectionate kisses.

Best wishes of happiness in the poem

Best wishes of happiness to you that I love
That love and friendship are your most beautiful themes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year full of surprises
That your happiness to live never knows the crisis!
My friend, I wish you sweet moments of happiness!
Happiness to share with those dear to your heart
The happy Year 2021 from New Year’s Day to December 31st!

All my affection accompanies my best wishes.

Happy New Year Poem for Family

My dear parents, my wonderful grandparents,
My beloved brothers and sisters, my cousins,
Not to mention my aunts and uncles so kind,
My nieces and nephews, I love to madness!
Oh, my sweet and beautiful family adored!
To all members of my family,
I wish you a Happy New Year!
May the feasts be wonderful and full of beauty!
My Family, I love you and offer you my best wishes!
You members of my family are happy!
Live fully, smile at life and everything will be fine!

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