Happy new Year Quotes and Sayings

New Year is going to happen soon. Day by day we are progressing towards the much anticipated day of the year. New Year is like a festive day for many. The celebrations of the New Year are quite unique and vary from place to place. People welcome New Year with open arms and wide thoughts. It is yet another new beginning that will fill us with new aspirations. Happy New Year 2021 Status is about change and people who grasp the meaning of the New Year can only enjoy yet another new start

Sentimental New Year Sentences

There are 2 days a year about which you can not do anything: YESTERDAY AND MORNING: only today you can forgive, smile, dream, love, feel … Happy year.

Happy new year 2019

We are all angels, with one wing. Therefore, we must embrace to be able to fly. Happy New Year.

That in these parties, magic is your best suit, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destination, and your happiness my best wish.

May you never miss a dream to fight for, a project to do, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Happy New Year.

Happy new year 2019

If you have a broken dream, you will have a goal to achieve. Happiness is a mix of dreams and realities. May the new year multiply your capacity to dream!

When it hurts to look back and fear you look forward, look to the left or right that I will be there by your side. Happy New Year!

Happy new year 2019

You spend your life waiting for something to happen and in the end the only thing that happens is life … In this new year do not wait, MAKE IT PASS! Happy 2021

I wish you luck as drops have the rain … as much love as the sun has rays … and as much happiness as stars has the sky. Happy New Year!

Happiness is doing what you want and wanting what you do. Do not dream your life, live your dreams HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope that in this new year your routine will become a surprise, the angry in smiles, and the sad in hopes. Let your flag be love and your language be kisses. Happy New Year.

Happy new year 2019

Funny messages to send

He changes his car, house, clothes, shoes, month, look, work, year; but never of friends. Happy New Year!!

That 2021 is, at least, as magical as your presence in my life.

I have seen HAPPINESS and he told me he was going to your house. I have asked him to take also HEALTH and LOVE. Treat them well, they go from me. Happy New Year.

When a dream is fulfilled, a goblin smiles. That in 2021 your goblin smiled eternally. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Happy new year 2019

Do you like to be sobado, to be rubbed, to make you sweat the fat drop? To reach the bottom, to enter, to leave, to feel the breath? Well, in this 2021, use the bus! HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!!

This year do not expect any GIFT. I’m having a few drinks with the MAGIC KINGS and … the thing has gotten out of hand.

The Civil Guard has found in the New Year a charred body of a man without a brain and with a very small member. I beg you to send me a message or confirm that you are well. Happy 2021!

I wanted to congratulate you with something funny, incredible, tender, sexy and very sweet, but it will be impossible because I did not enter the screen of the mobile. Happy 2021!

Warning to the entire population: the simulation of peace and love has already ended. Keep nougat and prawns, insult their in-laws and brothers-in-law again and dissolve. Happy New Year!

Happy new year 2019

New Year’s Eve Congratulations

A bottle of champagne: 30 euros. A New Year’s Eve cocktail party: 60 euros. A party dress: 120 euros. That I congratulate you the year is priceless! HAPPY 2021 !!!

Hello everyone. This is a personalized and exclusive message just for you that you / he / she / he / she / you / you / they send to you / you. Happy 2021!

May the new year that is coming bring us everything we want, such as love, pay and happiness … but above all you have great health. And we who enjoy it with you!

Sometimes someone comes into your life and you know right away that you were born to be there. That’s why I want you to stay by my side in 2021.

Happy new year 2019

New Year’s short phrases

I have read your horoscope for 2021:
HEALTH: the stars smile at you.
MONEY: the stars smile at you.
SEX: the stars are descojonan.
HAPPY 2021!

May 2021 bring you everything you are looking for and be 2021 times better than the past. Happy New Year!

I know it’s still too early, but as I know so many beautiful, rich, funny and sexy people I start with the ugly ones. Happy 2021!

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