Happy New year 2021 gifts for boy friends

if you want romantic happy new year gift ideas for boyfriend you need to start thinking outside the box. Get creative and crazy as you can be to come up with a romantic inspiration on what to give your special boy on this new year. My boyfriend always appreciates romantic gifts more than the grandiose ones. He always says that romantic gifts have more meaning in them and make him feel really special more than a Ferrari can do (though as a boy, he will go crazy about this toy if I do get him this). Romantic gifts need not be expensive as well as what’s important here are the message and the emotion that you send to him. As the old adage goes “it’s the thought that counts.” Here are some romantic new year gift ideas you can give to your boyfriend.


Personalized T-Shirt

Clothes are among the easiest and best gift to give your boyfriend. Clothes are very useful so you know it will always be appreciated. But to make it more romantic, personalizing it is the way to go. You can choose quotes or expressions that he always uses. Or you can choose his favorite NBA player perhaps or something that he is known for (like a quality that he has that people recognize him for). The possibilities with personalized clothing are endless. They make romantic gifts that are very practical too.


Designer Watch

A watch is something that is very practical and something which your boyfriend will truly appreciate. A watch has become more of a necessity nowadays to prevent you from being late especially in important meetings. There are many brands of watches available out there you that choose from which are high quality and definitely worth your money. Rolex and Tag Heuer are probably the two most popular watches for males you can choose from. If you want a more high-tech watch that has many features Tissot and Victorinox offers that. I love to give this gift, because when ever he see the time on watch, it remind him about me.

Give Him Something Handmade

One of the most romantic gifts anyone can ever receive is things that are handmade. It makes them feel extra special, especially with all the effort and time you have spent creating that masterpiece. Are you good in painting? Why not paint a portrait of him standing next to you? Have it framed so he can hang it on his wall. Now every time he sees that painting he will be reminded of the special girl in his life who gave it to him on his special day. Are you musically inclined? Why not make a song dedicated to him? Write lyrics that pertain to him and grab a musical instrument you know how to play. You can either have your song recorded or play it with a live band during the new year eve. Nothing beats something homemade especially if you have spent your time and effort into making it wholeheartedly.



Doesn’t a guy look ten times more attractive than he already is if he smells so good? Perfume is definitely my number one choice of gift item for my boyfriend. Every time he wears that scent he will always be reminded of you. Choose a scent that he doesn’t have yet to add to his collection. By choosing a different scent it will be easy for him to distinguish the scent you have specifically chosen for him. There are many brands out there that you can choose from – designer to inexpensive colognes. Hugo Boss and Lacoste are among the top choices of perfume for men. Acqua de Gio and Polo Sport are also very popular choices of perfume for men.

As New year 2021 is coming up soon and you are in need of some new year gift ideas for boyfriend to make him feel special. Boyfriends, though they don’t always say they want gifts, will appreciate anything that you give him. As long as there is sincere meaning and love behind your present he will always appreciate it. I thank the Lord for not giving me a high maintenance boyfriend who appreciates any inexpensive gift I give him. Yes, gifts to your boyfriend do not have to be expensive just to make him feel special. There are things you can do that won’t cost you anything that can make him feel really special on this happy new year. Here are some inexpensive or free new year gift ideas that never fail to impress my boyfriend.


Spend some Time with him

The time you spend together is something that he will always appreciate. The fact that you are there with him celebrating his special day already means a lot. You can always play this favorite video game or play his favorite sport for the entire day. You can also go biking and swimming or eat some street food somewhere. You can bring to his house a bunch of DVD’s and have a movie marathon with him whilst eating his favorite chips and you, curled up beside him. Another great idea is to treat him to your very own Spa session massaging him and making him feel relaxed.


Be Creative

There are so many things that you can give to your boyfriend on this happy new year 2021 if you are creative enough. You can create a poem and have it framed for this happy new year 2021 so he can hang it on his wall. You can also make different coupons that entitle him to a privilege he can avail valid only on this happy new year 2021. Like a coupon he can redeem for a free massage from you or a coupon that says he can kiss you for 5 minutes. You can also make short but sweet love notes stored in a bottle which he can pull out one by one. Not only is this a decorative item but a meaningful decorative item with the love notes stored inside. You can also make a video presentation of your history together and what you see yourselves doing in the future. There are so many things that you can do. All you need is a creative mind to help you create a romantic yet very inexpensive gift for your special boy.


Traditional Gifts

Nothing is more inexpensive and more romantic than traditional gifts. Flowers can also be given to men, you know. So why not give your boyfriend a dozen red roses like he always gives to you? Compile for him, a CD with songs that has a meaning in your relationship and you both love. Buy some accessory or key chain and have something engraved on it like “I love you” or “a key to my heart.”


Whether your guy loves music, or likes to watch movies or is obsessed with thrilling activities, it can still be hard to come up with great happy new year gift ideas for boyfriend.  Taking him on a helicopter ride will surely amaze him and show how creative you can be but how he accepts such an idea will depend on his personality.  Here, I’ll help you determine what kind of personality your boyfriend has and how you can make him happy on this happy new year 2021.


How To Determine Your Boyfriend’s Personality

If this is your first time celebrating new year with your boy friend, congratulations for having reached this far in your relationship when you can give so much to the man you love.  I may be wrong about this, but you might also be the most nervous girl in the planet right now. Stop. You just need to relax and gather your thoughts together.  The KEY here is to understand the personality of your boyfriend.


For The Sporty Type

This kind of personality is easy to spot.  It’s like, you know, that he’ll decline a request for a meeting (whether the invitation is coming from friends or from you) because he has to watch a game or he himself is going to play.  For this personality, take note of his favorite players and also, his favorite game.

After doing so, contact new year gift companies and ask them about this.  Or, you can also opt to buy him a shirt or a watch that features his favorite team or players.  Or, if you have enough money, then you can buy sport materials that he still needs to have.


For Someone Who Loves To Read

It can be that your boyfriend likes to read short novels.  If you’re with a person like this, then it is easier to find the right gifts for him.  You can find the kind of books he likes reading, or better yet find some documentaries or movies that features his interest – science fiction, horror stories or about culture, or suspense stories like those based in stories made by John Grisham, James Patterson and David Baldacci.


For Somebody Who Likes To Show-Off

Confident people like these would love jewelries and of course, sports car and big money in the bank.  I got somebody like that in the past and we ended up like me wishing that I never met this kind of guy.  But if you think you’d do everything to make him happy, you can always go to local shops that offer affordable items that are presentable and he’ll surely be proud wearing.  Make sure it’s a jewelry item, however.  Have it engraved with a love symbol or a short message to remind him of your love.


For Somebody Who’s Practical

Contrary to the show-off type mentioned above, it is easy giving gifts to someone who thinks in a practical way.  With this type, you would not need to think hard at all.  Just choose some functional gadget that he can use everyday.  Maybe, a multipurpose knife or a simple set of tools consisting of a pair of scissors, knives, screwdrivers, a bottle opener and so on and so forth.  He is not hard to please.

You see, you can never get lost in this venture and surely win over him if you’d only base your choice of new year gift ideas for boyfriend on that guy’s unique personality.



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