Facebook Status about Life, Love Feelings

Facebook is the most famous social media app nowadays and that’s why we brought our Facebook Status Collection for you. I hope you will really like it and love it a lot. Facebook was founded in February 2004 and got famous really quick. Now Facebook is the most famous social media app worldwide. I think Facebook needs no introduction to you as well as others. But here is our Facebook Status Collection. Tell us in a comment below if you really enjoyed them and keep visiting our website for more interesting stuff like this. And Here we go…

Facebook Status Collection

Facebook Status for Love

  • Love cannot be explained. Because love is a feeling and feelings can’t be explained.
  • This is life and life have lots of goals. One of the most important goals of life is to find true love for your self. Keep trying for it and Good Luck for that.
  • You can buy almost every happiness of life with money. But love is the most of one that you can’t buy. Because love is not for sale.
  • People nowadays looking for their true love. Let me tell them something that you don’t need to find it. Your true love will find your yourself
  • Life is too boring if you don’t have someone special in your life. However and how much you work hard and keep busy yourself but still you need someone to love you and to care about you. Because your life need love
  • Love is not just a word. It is the feeling, feeling for those who have heart and feelings
  • If you sit alone and you always get flashbacks from your past of someone else. Then listen you are in love with him. Get him/her before you lose him/her
  • Sometimes people came to teach you a lesson. They reject you and that is the point for you to get a lesson for you. This is up to you that in which way you turn that lesson for you in your life
  • Special person never comes again and again in your life. So, if your get them once the never be fool and don’t lose them

Attitude Facebook Status

  • Attitude can’t be bought from somewhere in the market. It comes with you naturally and it dies with you
  • No one can change his attitude because it comes to you at the time of your birth and it dies with you.
  • This is my style and my style is my Attitude and I know when and where to use it
  • You don’t need to tell me anything. Because I was the principle of that school from where you learnt these things.
  • Say it on my face. Not through your shit statuses
  • Your status describes your personality. And your attitude describes your confidence
  • There is only one thing you need to know and that is “I am the boss” and you have to take it seriously
  • I don’t understand that why people claim their bad friends for the wastage of their time. That is their fault that they made friends like that

Best Facebook Status Collection

  • Facebook is not just wastage of time. It is the platform to refresh your thoughts and mind.
  • I don’t run Facebook, Facebook Runs me
  • Facebook Fever to everyone. Everyone finds a lot of time on Facebook but no time to help others. No time to sit with your family. This is such a bad impact on facebook
  • Facebook is not a bad thing itself but its usage makes it worst. Spending too much time makes it worst and that is such a stupid act in front of me
  • Listen all friends, I just wrote this status to waste your time. Nothing else is special in this. I think I got you
  • Hey, you look here,
    Now scroll down. There is nothing to show you. Just want to waste your time and effort
  • Keep your mind and thoughts clear. There will be a day when you get the benefit of it
  • However, How much life becomes tough for you. Never lose hope and keep turned on your way. There will be a day when you will get its rewards

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