English New Year Sms 2021

This is the new year and it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the new feel of New Year. New Year is coming and we prepared a list of English New Year Sms 2021 for you to share with your friends and family members. For every person, there are few goals of life and he always wants to get them and the new year is the event when new goals are created. So wish your every family member and friend a best of luck for their new year goals and for New Year and wishing a Happy New Year to all of my Friends Please share these English New Year Sms on every social media channel and network. Thanks

English New Year Sms for Friends

  • This is another year, To waste with you and to have fun with you. Wish you a great year wish for everything best for you this year
  • May you have lots of blessings of God and you have a great year to spend. I wish your every year has something special for you to live and you have every great year. Happy New Year dear
  • May you find some dreams this year and you work hard for them and try to achieve them. Wish you best of luck for them and Happy New Year
  • You are my life, you know dear friend. I want to you to be a part of my very special part of life. Wish you a Happy New Year and Hope for everything best this year
  • Let’s celebrate this new year eve together and let’s have a lot of fun tonight. I wish you Have a great year to live and Wish you a Happy New year
  • Time for you to turn your dreams into reality and time to wish your future best of luck. Happy New Year
  • I know you will be a successful person one day and you will earn a lot of name. I wish you best of luck for that and Have a Happy New Year dear.
  • To make your life perfect and happy, You need to work a lot and hard. I wish you accomplish you all goals and you have a great year to spend. Happy New Year dear
  • For you and me it’s a great event to celebrate and to enjoy this New Year’s Eve. I wish you always have a great start to every month and wish best of luck to you for this. Happy New Year dear

English New Year Sms for Sweet Heart

  • Love is a feeling that only can be felt with someone special. Dear, you are the most special person in my life and I never want to lose you. Wish you a great year of love a care
  • Time for you to raise your feelings and let’s have a great day as well as nights. Wish a great year and a great life for you my dear
  • Turn your dreams into reality with hard work and don’t even try to use any shortcut. Their results could be horrible. Wish you a Happy and successful new year
  • My life is happy and good just because of you and you are the only reason behind it. Wish you a great life and wish best of luck for you dear.

English New Year SMS 2019

  • Let’s spend this night together and let’s have a great celebration of this great year with love and care for each other. Wish a Happy and great new year to you dear
  • Let’s get together and let’s get united again on the special moment of the new year’s start. Wish you a great year and a great life for you dear
  • Listen to my life. My heart beats just because of you and it beats faster when you came in front of me. Wish you a Happy New year dear
  • Take a hot tub and make the celebration of this great new year. May you have success, care and a lot of love this year and you have a great life to spend dear.

Motivational English New Year Sms 2021

  • Your best is my best and your choice is my choice and that is the reason that we choose each other for each other. I am feeling very lucky and happy to have you. Wish you a great year and wish for everything best for you. Stay happy
  • Your choices decide your future and your future depends upon the decisions you took. Wish you a best new year and wish best of luck for you dear
  • May you have a great life to spend and you accomplish your all life goals. Wish a great year for you and wish best of luck for you.

English New Year Sms

  • Time for you to set your new goals and new dreams. Because it is the precious moment of the new year and it is the special moment. Wish you a great new year with good luck and care.
  • Work hard to get success and leave results on God. He will choose the best way for you. Wish you a Happy New Years
  • Don’t get afraid of fall. Just work hard with your honesty and wait for results. God will give you better results, Happy New Year dear
  • Don’t destroy your dreams and try again and again to get them. There will be a day when you will get them and wish you best of luck for that day and good luck dear.

English New Year Sms 2021

  • A new year is all about moving on and achieving new things which you have not achieved or you didn’t had the chance to achieve them in the previous year. So go ahead and conquer this year!
  • Hope is a very precious and worthy thing, if you have it you can do anything you can win any competition no matter how hard it may. So spend this year with the best hopes. Happy New year to you dear!
  • The lights of the new year are to show you the path to success and brighter future. You just have to look right at the right time and there you go. Happy New year


  • The system of this world works as only for the stronger and if you are not strong yet then you should be because this world will never give you a second chance.
  • We are created in a very unique way that we are able to achieve anything if we make our mind to. I know that you are an amazing person and you will be a great and successful person in the future. Happy New year, may you get all the success in this new year!
  • Finding new ways, conquering new things, not repeating the previous mistakes. This is why the new year comes. Happy New year to you!
  • Inside of every person is also different as the outside of every person is. Therefore you need to be different with every person you know. This is how it works. Happy New year to you!
  • Everything is different in this world and everything will keep changing and therefore you yourself have to change with the world or you will be somewhere just a part of the past. Happy new year.
  • There is no place in this world to hide from your problems because there is no place ever build like that. Because only great people have built great things and they never ran away from their problems, they faced them. Happy new year.
  • Falling down is the basic rule to get up and win whatever you want. Falling down is the start towards the path to your journey of success. May you have a delightful year!
  • We shall see the people who were successful. Then we must try to be one of them, instead of trying to be one of them. Happy new year may this new brings you everything you have desired.
  • What an amazing day it was when we started the last year. Everything was the same like today. But what if the whole year will be the same as like the previous one. Try to change things this year. Happy New year.

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