60 End of the year phrases

60 End of the year phrases | The illusion of living 365 new opportunities!

New Year’s Day, Old Year’s Day or New Year’s Day are celebrated evyear on December 31st; one day, and especially one night, in which people celebrate the end of a year and receive a new one with joy (here you can find the collection of phrases of joy, to start infecting you), with different traditions and superstitions around the whole world. If you want to know some end-of-year phrases to congratulate your friends, do not miss the collection of end of the year phrases that we have wanted to share with you in Phrases of Life.

As we mentioned, the range of traditions is endless: from wearing yellow or red underwear to eating twelve grapes to the sound of the chimes, kiss your lover at midnight or even break dishes. Of course, globally is an annual event that generates many expectations, it marks the beginning of a cycle full of new opportunities. An ideal time to reflect on our goals and dreams. And December is a magical month, full of celebrations (you can also check our selection of Christmas phrases ) and reasons to congratulate our loved ones. Here you will find end-of-year phrases to dedicate to those you most appreciate. Enjoy them!

What is your best wish for this year? May we be together all our lives.

2.  If things were not very good this year, it does not matter; In this coming year you have another opportunity to achieve happiness, everything is possible if you mentalize it first, have a year full of joy.

3.  In this year that begins, I wish you with all my heart that you never lose the energy to fight for the difficulties that come your way, have a positive attitude in life and live every day as if it were your last. Have a very positive new year.

4.  I hope that in the coming year you can obtain everything that you propose. My best wishes to you and your family this year that begins, my friend.

5.  New year new life. The last step. The good saved and the bad forgotten.

6.  We have many reasons to be happy, especially for the opportunity to do new things, to have an optimistic attitude at all times, congratulations on this new year!

7.  If the year that is about to end left you with memories of pain, may this New Year impregnate the best moments of your life for every dream you have reached! Happy New Year.

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8.  Christmas and New Year, without a doubt the best moments memories of our life. Let each New Year’s Day be a reason to smile … A very happy New Year!

9.  God gives us a new opportunity to be happy and feel happy. Let us strive to fulfill and achieve our goals, I wish you have a prosperous new year.

10.  My most authentic desire is that you have a happy new year, despite spending very bad times, never look back.

11.  When there are no seconds left at midnight, do not ask for fame or fortune. Smile saying goodbye in peace surrounded by people who know how to love.

12. If life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, it shows that you have a thousand and one to dream. Say Goodbye to a bad year, and give way in your life to a new dream to fill with reality.

13. Today we have the opportunity to dismiss the year that goes away and celebrate the year that enters. Kisses … Kisses … Besoss!

Much love, champagne, fun, lots of gifts, moments of madness … Successes at Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 !!!

15.  This phrase is a little box of peace full of joy, wrapped with love, sealed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year! May this year bring you peace, joy and many good times.

16.  I wish you a new mathematical year: Adding all kinds of pleasures, subtracting the pains, multiplying the happiness and dividing the love with all your loved ones. Happy new year, dear friends!

17.  Despite the losses will always arise the illusion, regardless of adversity, love will always prevail. May this year be a great year for you and remember forever.

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18.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams, my wish is that next year brings you new beautiful dreams and above all concrete satisfactions.

19.  You are my universe and without you, I would not exist, you give joy to my soul, hope, and passion to our tomorrow, let’s enjoy a new year full of happiness and love, like the present. The happy new year my treasure.

20.  The goal of the new year is not that we have a new year. It is that we must have a new soul. – GK Chesterton

21.  From the bottom of my heart came every word I wrote to put together this goodbye, but if I have you with me nothing matters, if not you! 2020 Adióss!

22.  Every day we must dream of a world full of Peace and Harmony where love and hope rule. The year that is going. He leaves with Harmony, let him go without nostalgia, let him go with Joy!

23. Goodbye to New Year’s Eve, welcome the new year full of joy and hope 
A congratulation full of hope.

24. I sincerely hope that you will have a happy new year and that all your goals will be fulfilled. Remember that there will always be bad times in life, the important thing is to overcome them and never look back.

25.  Let’s gather our glasses to toast for love and peace in the whole world with the sincere desire for a better year.

26.  Whenever you finish something beloved, let it be with the right leg so that everything goes well, despite its absence. Happy straight End 2020, vidda!

27. New Year’s Day is the birthday of every man. – Charles Lamb

28.  That this was a great year of health, work and love. Say goodbye to Joy to the Year that united us! Bye 2020 !!

29.  The old year is gone, let the past bury its own dead. The new year has taken possession of the time clock. Everything that arrives is duties and possibilities during the next twelve months. – Edward Payson Powel

30.  Dear friend, I want for you with all my heart a happy sincere goodbye wrapped with yours, for this Year not too good, because I have the certainty that it is going away so as not to overshadow you anymore.

31. Happy New Year, with the Cup full, I say goodbye, with a joyful heart and eyes, with you, my best friend !!

32.  That this year is better than the previous one and our friendship takes hold. Happy New Year friend!

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33.  If in the old year you could not achieve your goals, you lose nothing by releasing it! 

34.  Smile, today begins a new stage for both of us and we should take advantage of it. May your wishes come true now that we close a dark cycle in our lives. Goodbye 2020 and Hello, to a New Year we hope that full of Sun!

35.  Your happy Christmas can depend on what others do for you. But happiness in the new year will depend on what you do for others. A Bridges 2021!

36.  If you had only one desire to fulfill what it would be? Well, I wish you that by saying goodbye to the year that is leaving, you will fulfill each of the good wishes that you hold in your heart, together with God, yours and we, your friends!

37. I offer  this as a year of growth as human beings to face any difficulty that may arise in the future.

38.   My best wishes to bid farewell to a strategic and fabulous year, full of Love and Happiness with you. Amorrr F / f / YEAR 2020!

39. That this new year we maintain the hope and faith that we will achieve what we propose. Have a new year full of triumphs and satisfaction.

40.  I wish you 65 days of Love, 129 days of Good Luck and 171 days of Happiness! Happy new year 2021!

41. Goodbye to one more year that gives way to a new beginning and a thousand moments to celebrate, that once again every noble desire crystallizes in your heart!

42. I hope  that in this beginning of 2021, love will be the first to enter your home, that health and work will make your company and that all of us will see it and share it with you. Happy New Year!

43.  If the year that is about to end left you with memories of pain, may this New Year impregnate the best moments of your life for every dream you have reached! Happy New Year 2021!

44.  An optimist is the one who stays awake until midnight to receive the new year, a pessimist is the one who stays awake to make sure that the old year is gone. – Bill Baughan

45.  Let’s open the book, your pages are blank let’s write about ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

46.  If the year that goes away brought you sorrows, put grace on your walk, break chains.

47. End of the year, end of sentences, end of storms without truce.

48.  I hope the new year brings you many joys, but please do not change. 
When people are so amazing, it does not have to be otherwise.

49.  Let us welcome a new year and a new opportunity for us to do things well. – Oprah Winfrey

50.  I feel a huge pain to dismiss this year, it has been one of the best in my life, but with your glass wetting my lips, neither this nor the old can give more flavor to my life. I love you!

51.  May this Old Year 2020, when marching, only show itself as an anteroom for how much good it is to arrive. I love you!

52. Goodbye Year complaining, Goodbye Goodbye with my sparkling glass, you are carrying the sorrows, and I with my new joyful love I drink it!

53.  In this year that goes, our love has blossomed. I’ll ask him to say goodbye, not to be forgotten. 

54.  For every goodbye a thousand flying hopes, hug me when saying Goodbye, let the night of farewell become wonderful!

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55.  Happy New Year. I just hope you never give up when it comes to fighting for your dreams. I love you, friend.

56.  It is not enough to close your eyes and make a wish It is necessary to put all your effort to achieve your goals without fear, if this year you say goodbye it seemed very good, do not forget that it was you and your effort. Just say Goodbye and throw a kiss to the air!

57.  With this Year that ends a new infinite search, I guess you. A kiss for Love and some new footprints in your beautiful way!

58.  If nobody will celebrate the end of the year everything would be like any other day, although it is not the celebrations and cabals that really make a difference, if they help us to distinguish that there is a beautiful feeling of joy and doubt. Goodbye to 2020!

59.  I consider you my best friend, wish you Happy New Year with your hand in my hand is to say goodbye to everything bad.

60.  May the rain of happiness grab you with the broken umbrella, soak and splash all around you. The happy new year 2021! 

What do you like most at the end of the year? Remember that it is the perfect time to share with family and friends, it is a magical time in which reigns joy and desire change. Do not forget to establish new goals and plans to fulfill them, so that they do not remain just in words!