Happy New Year Quotes 2021


The celebration of new year is not just welcoming a new date; in fact the real celebration of happy new year 2021 is not just enjoying the new year eve with great enthusiasm but also it has become more than a tradition as we are entering into new era with new hopes, new dreams, new courage to achieve all the future hardship with love, peace and success, new aspiration, new resolution, new thinking which can help to make this world a little better place to live for everyone.

1. May this year be better than the previous one and our friendship be strengthened. Happy New Year friend!. For new friends, those who have shown so much in so little.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

2. May the strength of the soul … enlighten your mind with wisdom, may the love of the heart … water your body with joy, may the feeling … radiate tenderness to your family, that love be the passion … of your infinite search, that the understanding … be the gift your humility, that a close hug … be the expression of saying “I love you” … are my wishes in this coming year 2021!. There is no better day to say I love you than this one.

3. Every day we must dream of a world full of peace and harmony where love and hope rule. I wish all the best in your life and never lose the will to live. The new year brings you a new chance to fight for what you so desire.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

4. If nobody celebrates the New Year everything would be like any day, it is not the celebrations and cabals that make the difference, we are the ones who make the difference with our dreams and hopes. The new year is a special date, and we have to show the people we want to remember them.

5. This new year we maintain the hope and faith that we will achieve what we propose. Have a new year full of triumphs and satisfactions. Wish the best to someone special with these words.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

6. Whenever you start something new with the right leg so that everything goes well. Happy New Year. We must start this new year with a good start. So to give everything.

7. May this be a great year of health, work and love. Receive with joy this new year, because I’m sure it will be your year. Happy New Year. This greeting wishes three important things: love, work and health.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

8. I wish you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of serenity, 365 days of love, 8,760 hours of fortune, 525,600 minutes of success, 31,536,000 seconds of friendship … Happy New Year, my friend A special dedication for that authentic friendship. For that faithful friend.

9. If in the old year you have not been able to achieve your goals, you lose nothing by trying again. Have a happy year friend. That the disappointment does not take away the desire to fight for what you propose

The previous year may not have been what you wanted, but this year it may be. So cheer up.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

10. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams, my wish is that next year brings you new beautiful dreams and above all concrete satisfactions. Only people who really want it and make an effort will have a year full of successes.

11. Every year passes quickly … So I do not roll up, I’m going to start having the best time to enjoy 2021. Congratulations! Do not miss having fun in this new year. That brings good moments, fun moments.

12. I feel a great pity to say goodbye this year because it has been one of the best in life, because I did things that I never imagined doing and I met wonderful people like you. Have a happy new year. The previous year has been good, but you have to have faith that the next one will be better.

13. I sincerely hope that you will have a happy new year and that all your goals will be fulfilled. Remember that there will always be bad times in life, the important thing is to overcome them and never look back

We all have wishes for this new year. It is up to us to fulfill them.

14. Happy new year. I just hope you never give up when it comes to fighting for your dreams. I love you friend

For those friends of the soul that matter so much to us. So that they do not come down and get what they propose.

15. I wish you a happy new year, it is a true wish of a friend who wants the best for you, have fun and enjoy it very much

Another greeting for a friend. A few words with sincerity and affection.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

16. Dear friend, I want a happy new year for you with all my heart, I am sure that this year a love will enter your life and you will have a lot of happiness. A few words of encouragement for that person who has been by our side in the good and bad times.

17. From the bottom of my heart came every word I wrote to put together this New Year’s greeting, my friend, happy new year, I have you with me always. When it is hardened from the heart, it goes deep into the person who receives your words.

18. If life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, it shows that you have a thousand and one to dream. Make your life a dream and your dream a reality. Happy new year 2021. Positive attitude and optimism, do not miss this 2021.

19. Smile, today begins a new stage for both of us and we should take advantage of it. May your wishes come true this new year. Happy New Year Your partner will appreciate some nice words to start the new year.

2019 New Year Wishes and phrases

So it’s not just a “New Year 2021” it’s beyond something that can’t be explained in words. If you too feel the same then share this feeling by sending Happy New Year 2021 Wishes, Short New Year Resolution Quotes to your Friends and Family as well as your facebook & twitter Best friends.